Special Operators

Special Operator என்பது சிறப்பு செயல்பாடுகளை(operations) செய்ய பயன்படுத்தப்படுகின்றன. Example address of the variable, size of the variable,.. etc.,

Operator Name Description
& ampersand This is used to get the address of the variable. Example : &a will give address of a.
* asterisk This is used as pointer to a variable. Example : * a where, * is pointer to the variable a.
sizeof() Size of This gives the size of the variable. Example : size of (char) will give us 1.

Example for Bit Wise Operator

void main(){
   int v = 10,k = 20;
   printf("Value of v is %d\n",v );
   printf("Address of v is %p\n",&v);
   printf("Value of k is %d\n",k);
   printf("Size of k is %d\n",sizeof(k));

return 0;


Value of v is 10

Address of v is 0028FF08

Value of k is 20

Size of k is 4

Note: Address will be different in each machine.Because of, this is memory address of the variable. it will be different in each machine


M.RameshKumaran 26th November,2020 12:59 pm
Change the Example Topic, Not Bit wise, it is Special Operator Example